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Overcoming Bitterness

Neal Pollard “Where was God when my child was killed by a drunk driver?” “I’ll never forgive brother Jones for that time he… He’s a big hypocrite!” “It’s not fair what they did to me. I hope they get theirs!” … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A new preacher was moving to work with a church in a community where there were several more congregations. Two of the preachers already working in that area met for lunch and the conversation soon moved to the … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Several have made the observation that hurt people are inclined to hurt people.  I have been told that by others to explain mean, hurtful, rude, and inappropriate remarks.  Yet, since everyone experiences significant hurt (so the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Little Things?

  Neal Pollard Look what one look at a woman bathing on her rooftop cost a man, his home, and his country.  The pronunciation of one word spelled the difference between life and death for a nation of people.  One … Continue reading

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“How’s Your Day Going?”

Neal Pollard As we go about our day, we often hear that question.  It is an exercise in pleasant politeness, and at times it is asked with genuine, heartfelt concern.  It can also be not only asked mindlessly, but answered … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It was the late ’70s and I was spending the night with my best friends, Patrick and Jody Smith.  We had just finished watching The Bionic Man on TV, and there was a special on Muhammad Ali.  I … Continue reading

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Warming Up The Cold Shoulder

Neal Pollard Occasionally, a Christian who has fallen away and is approached by a concerned elder, preacher, or other Christian will respond by saying the people at church were cold, unfriendly, or unwelcoming.  They complain that they get the “cold … Continue reading

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Are You Stuck In The Doldrums?

Neal Pollard According to NASA’s Earth Observatory, “The Intertropical Convergence Zone, or ITCZ, is the region that circles the Earth, near the equator, where the trade winds of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres come together” (via http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov).  The ITCZ (“itch”) … Continue reading

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“Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now”

Neal Pollard When did I first know I wanted to be a preacher? I’m not sure, but I remember the day I addressed the city council in Cairo, Georgia.  I was only nine.  We were walking home from school.  Every … Continue reading

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Gratitude (POEM)

Neal Pollard An attitude of gratitude Gives anyone the latitude To express with joy Each girl or boy Or adult, too, with fortitude That “I am blessed” And if it’s confessed We all are given From God in heaven What’s … Continue reading

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