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Neal Pollard Sostratos the Cnidian built this world-famous lighthouse in 297 B.C., located on the coast of the island of Pharos (Negev, The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land, Rev., 1986: 27). It made the Greek poet Sopater’s list of … Continue reading

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Unity In Ukraine

Neal Pollard My first mission trip was to eastern Ukraine.  Ironically, years before coming to preach at the Bear Valley congregation, I was in attendance with many other American brethren at the first graduation of a Bear Valley Bible Institute … Continue reading

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An Honest Obituary

Neal Pollard It was the early 1990s, and I, as a green, inexperienced preacher, was asked to do a funeral for a man from the community with no real religious roots.  It was my first funeral for a non-Christian and … Continue reading

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The Blood of Christ

Neal Pollard The topic above should cause one’s mind to focus on some precise areas. Naturally, the blood of Christ implies thoughts of the “incarnation” of Christ (that Christ took on the form of man, while all God, and thus … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The Restoration Plea is valid, vital, and victorious!  It urges every believer in Christ to throw off the shackles of humanly-devised traditions and beliefs that undermine and contradict the sole, supreme authority of Christ.  Religious division has been … Continue reading

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Is Your Life “Award Winning”?

Neal Pollard CBS News reports on 19-year-old Chris Strickland, a very ordinary young man who seems unaware of how heroic his split-second action was. In his first job, Chris, working at a Home Depot in Anchorage, Alaska, happened to turn … Continue reading

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Church Cooperation

Neal Pollard I have become more acutely aware of the importance of “church cooperation” working with a congregation that operates a school of preaching.  To get every student here and to support every teacher who prepares them for ministry, several … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard These are far from comprehensive, but they form a sample of Jesus’ vast wisdom: “Come to Me and I will give you rest” (Mat. 11:28-30) “Give and it will be given to You” (Luke 6:38) “Seek the Kingdom … Continue reading

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Happiness (POEM)

Neal Pollard What do I need to make for joy? To beat those troubles that annoy? Can it be bought or taken from others? What would I get if I had my druthers? Would I find it in possessions, investments, … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It is hard to believe that bubonic plague could be a problem in any country in the 21st Century, but that is exactly the case in the African nation of Madagascar.  Helped mainly by extreme unsanitary conditions in … Continue reading

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