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Neal Pollard Sometimes the ones who cry for tolerance and acceptance can be most lacking in the qualities themselves.  Surprisingly little has been said in outcry against the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich on April 3, 2014. Eich … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Say?

Neal Pollard Most people have very strong convictions, pro or con, about religious matters.  Many who claim to be religious form opinions and draw conclusions with very little if any biblical consultation.  How ironic is it to claim to follow … Continue reading

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Another “Scandal” Involving A College Football Coach!

Neal Pollard Everyone knows about the tragic situation at Penn State and even one involving Syracuse’s basketball coach.  Ohio State just received punishment for its misdeeds.  The list of university’s punished for transgressions is lengthy, with new investigations seemingly starting … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Wait a minute!  This is not “another story on Tim Tebow”… per se.  I have used great restraint in not writing about the Denver quarterback, but this is a bit different.  Over the weekend, we received a phone … Continue reading

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