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Neal Pollard The leading local story today has to do with how police and fire responded to the Aurora theatre shooting in the summer of 2012, a horrific crime that left 12 dead and most of the other theatre patrons … Continue reading

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Tipping The Train Off Of A Trapped Man

  Neal Pollard Yesterday, a man slipped trying to board a subway train in Perth, Australia.  Closed-circuit footage shows him wedged up to his thigh as the train was filling with commuters.  First, a fellow-commuter beckons to the Transit Authority … Continue reading

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  Neal Pollard I grew up in Georgia mostly attending congregations that weren’t numerically large.  I never attended a church of more than 200 until I went to college, but even then the two churches I preached for during that … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard In July of 2001, Kjell Wilhelmsen was fishing for salmon on the Gaula River in Norway.  What he saw in the water took precedence.  It was Jens Ovesen, a 246 pound man, who had been swept away by … Continue reading

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Is This A Friendly Church?

Neal Pollard While we would be tempted to ask this of ourselves, that’s really not a very honest reflection or indication of a true answer.  But, thankfully, there are several whom we can ask.  Don’t miss the importance of their … Continue reading

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An Aggressive Agenda

Neal Pollard They use every opportunity to make it a part of the conversation.  It is as if they have a one-track mind.  However they can promote their cause, they do.  They will not quit until they convince you that … Continue reading

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Chris Greicius

Neal Pollard Make A Wish Foundation has granted 310,000 wishes worldwide with the help of 30,000 volunteers in 49 countries as well as numerous, generous donors.  Very often, the wishes are granted to children with life-threatening conditions.  This is appropriate … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Two wonderful upcoming events should have us excited! Vacation Bible School is a prime opportunity for us to be evangelistic with our neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  It showcases the many talented people we have in our education program … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Alabama was handling Notre Dame handily.  There was not much to notice on the field, so Brent Musburger observed the Tide signal-caller’s girlfriend in the stands, saying, “You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women.  What a beautiful … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard I have never attended a congregation who gets more “drop ins” than here. Last night’s midweek service, at which we had 223, included three non-Christians who were here either by invitation or on their own initiative. Sundays always … Continue reading

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