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Neal Pollard Karl Friedrich Benz invented the first true gasoline-powered automobile in Germany in 1885, a 3-wheeled, 4-cycle internal combustion engine (via lib.gov). The vehicle has come a long way since then.  To date, the fastest car on record (0-300 … Continue reading

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Why Don’t YOU “Stop The Violence”?

Neal Pollard To borrow the words of our own Mike Bennett, “Excuse me?”  An AP story published this morning is so thick with irony it is palpable!  Two people were arrested and put in jail on Tuesday in Washington, Pennsylvania.  … Continue reading

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Little Things?

  Neal Pollard Look what one look at a woman bathing on her rooftop cost a man, his home, and his country.  The pronunciation of one word spelled the difference between life and death for a nation of people.  One … Continue reading

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  Neal Pollard 1979 was the year I discovered sports, developing a fledgling interest in my home state’s greatest football team, the Georgia Bulldogs, watching Dale Murphy and Bob Horner, young stars on a woeful Atlanta Braves team, learning names … Continue reading

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Please Hang Up Your Smartphone

Neal Pollard Prefatory note: I am writing as a guilty party rather than an innocent bystander.  The following words are directed inwardly at least as much as outwardly. It is getting hard to remember what we did before we got … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Sostratos the Cnidian built this world-famous lighthouse in 297 B.C., located on the coast of the island of Pharos (Negev, The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land, Rev., 1986: 27). It made the Greek poet Sopater’s list of … Continue reading

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              Neal Pollard It has been suggested that the Psalms where David appears most anxious were written from the Cave of Adullam. His time there represented one of the deepest valleys of his life. … Continue reading

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Tourette’s, Tics, And Transference

Neal Pollard Recently, a bizarre incidence due east of Buffalo, New York, in the small town of Le Roy (birthplace of Jell-O, by the way) has caught national attention.  Twelve girls in Le Roy Junior-Senior High have all developed an … Continue reading

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Blackout Christianity?

Neal Pollard It is going to be harder today to find a quick answer to such questions as, “How did William Henry Harrison die?” or “What is the history of the easter bunny?”  For both questions, the top search engine … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard My mother-in-law makes them.  There are usually a few in my office.  They have been used to light the way for centuries.  They are such simple devices, still a staple amid our technologically advanced age. A candle requires … Continue reading

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