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Neal Pollard The tendency to try and make subjective experience as more meaningful and valuable than objective truth is age old. We would rather feel something than learn or obey something. Yet, notice how thoroughly the Bible shows that adequate … Continue reading

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Little Things?

  Neal Pollard Look what one look at a woman bathing on her rooftop cost a man, his home, and his country.  The pronunciation of one word spelled the difference between life and death for a nation of people.  One … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard  You may be thinking that the title is presumptuous, opinionated, and even out of line.  Let me disclaim what follows by asserting that God does not hate all shorts.  He does, however, hate the following types of shorts. … Continue reading

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Heaven Really IS For Real

Neal Pollard While so many in religion and even the media latch onto sensational tales of traveling to the “other side” and coming back with stories about heaven (they do not ordinarily wind up going the other direction), these individuals … Continue reading

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God Knows Where They Are

  Neal Pollard At a preachers’ meeting I attended today, a brother led us in prayer specifically about the men, women, and children who were onboard the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 as well as their families.  While there have … Continue reading

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Take Not The Day For Granted (POEM)

Neal Pollard Take not the day for granted, Who knows what the morrow brings, What present joy be recanted, What shut the mouth that now sings. Too often we long for tomorrow, Assuring ourselves it will be perfect, Dissatisfied with … Continue reading

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72 Hours And 100 Feet

Neal Pollard By now, many have heard the incredible story of Harrison Odjegba Okene, the Nigerian cook whose incredible survival and rescue from the tugboat where he served as cook has been made public. He was actually rescued near the … Continue reading

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  Neal Pollard • He Is Omniscient, Yet Optimistic (Jer. 26:3). • He Knows Us Better Than We Know Ourselves And Still Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish (2 Pet. 3:9). • He Sees Our Stingy Tendencies, But He Still … Continue reading

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Can He Accept Me As I Am?

Neal Pollard Can God accept me as I am?  I know me better than I know anyone else—my thoughts, feelings, motives, intentions, desires, temptations, and attitudes.  I know I have sin in my life, and I have for many years.  … Continue reading

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Only In God Is Rest

The governing hand of God Traversing the universe wide Can calm the wildest storms abroad While standing by my side! The discerning Eye in heavenly portals Who watches all by day and night Can see the trials of us mere … Continue reading

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