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Neal Pollard As we live in a culture of disrespect, Christians have an added responsibility to give thought to how we speak to one another.  Civility, courtesy, and manners were once staple subjects taught in every home, but those days … Continue reading

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Don’t Preach!

Neal Pollard What an odd thing to say, especially when our Lord (Mark 16:15; Acts 10:42) and Paul (2 Tim. 4:2) say to preach!  I’m not saying don’t preach at all, but there’s too much “preaching” that is not really … Continue reading

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An Up And Comer In A Different Profession

Neal Pollard How many human cannonballs at the circus can call themselves “Oxford-trained”?  30-year-old Gary Stocker, with law degree in tow, left a six figure income working as an academic law writer and legal recruitment officer and “ran away with … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard As part of the personal evangelism class I just taught in Cambodia, I had the students engage in role-playing for a couple of days.  It was wonderful and memorable.  Some of the students are brand new Christians and … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Several have made the observation that hurt people are inclined to hurt people.  I have been told that by others to explain mean, hurtful, rude, and inappropriate remarks.  Yet, since everyone experiences significant hurt (so the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Studying The Sweet Samaritan

Neal Pollard Jesus wants us concerned with people, especially those near us in some way.  It may be easier to care about someone who looks like us, who is decent or even attractive, or who is easier to help.  The … Continue reading

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  Neal Pollard • He Is Omniscient, Yet Optimistic (Jer. 26:3). • He Knows Us Better Than We Know Ourselves And Still Is Not Willing That Any Should Perish (2 Pet. 3:9). • He Sees Our Stingy Tendencies, But He Still … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard “What did he mean by that?” “Those elders never get it right!” “You know our preacher. What else would you expect?” “That deacon is destined to fail.” “Those people at church!” “They don’t like me.” What would it … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard In every area of life I can think of, conditions are necessary.  Contracts almost always contain clauses, caveats, and quid pro quos.  Jesus even provided conditions for the marriage “contract,” allowing one whose mate commits fornication to divorce … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Love And Lust

Neal Pollard Some years ago, Elvis Huffard discussed some fundamental differences between love and lust. In chart form, he drew them out for consideration. Here they are: Love                         … Continue reading

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