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Neal Pollard Steve Martz recently wrote a book he entitled 77 Talks To Bored-Again Teens. Explaining the rationale for his book, Martz says, “With teenage attention spans decreasing as fast as new channels appear on satellite TV, it’s not just … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Ernest Pusey was the third-oldest person in the world the day he died at age 111 on November 19, 2006. Nine days before, the man who had worked 32 years for General Motors and drawn retirement for 48 … Continue reading

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“What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

  Neal Pollard This is not just something Janet Jackson once wondered.  The late summer and early fall of each year, college football programs have alumni, boosters, and fans asking head coaches the same thing.  Companies ask the same of … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Consider Myself Unfaithful”

Neal Pollard An intelligent, independent young American man in his mid-20s showed up at the Siem Reap church building for mid-week services.  He not only grew up in the church, but he even attended a “Christian” high school and one … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A new preacher was moving to work with a church in a community where there were several more congregations. Two of the preachers already working in that area met for lunch and the conversation soon moved to the … Continue reading

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T.H.I.N.K. (Teens Happily Ingesting New Knowledge)

Neal Pollard How fitting that they were there studying James 1:22, as Michael Hite taught.  Well over 20 of them gathered in one living room, hunkered down for nearly 90 minutes as just eight verses were covered in-depth, they seemed … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It was the late ’70s and I was spending the night with my best friends, Patrick and Jody Smith.  We had just finished watching The Bionic Man on TV, and there was a special on Muhammad Ali.  I … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard There is a video clip all over the internet showing five very young children playing an incredible piece, each with full-sized guitars.  Not only is it a complicated piece, “Our Kindergarten Teacher,” but their synchronized performance from the … Continue reading

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              Neal Pollard We live in a time of unparalleled excitement when it comes to how fast words travel.  The internet, though a reservoir of danger and evil, is also the fastest conduit for … Continue reading

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“Is Living Longer Always Better?”

Neal Pollard  Janice Lloyd writes about the medical profession and their ethics for helping the dying and their loved ones face death, especially in cases of terminal illness.  While the USA Today article (3/7/12) stops considerably short of advocating euthanasia … Continue reading

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