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Good Deeds

Neal Pollard Good deeds don’t make the nightly news.  When a person serves or is nice to others, it rarely goes beyond the circle of occurrence.  That’s OK, because Jesus urges us, “Be careful not to do your acts of … Continue reading

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Ready For A Trivia Quiz?

Neal Pollard Here are the rules: Don’t use any resources to look up these answers.  This is a quiz to test your knowledge. What is Mark Zuckerberg best known for co-founding? How many regular season games are there in an … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Oh the stories that song leaders and preachers could tell!  Often, when we sing such standbys as “I Love To Tell The Story,” “Rejoice In The Lord,” or “When We All Get To Heaven,” we do so with … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A fire requires just a few basic things to keep going—starter, combustible material, oxygen, and maintenance.  It can take a while to get a fire started, but it needs ventilation to get going and stay going.  After it’s … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It was such a joy to accompany the BVBII students on campaign to Greensboro, Georgia.  Chuck Ramseur, one of our graduates, is doing a great job with Brianna and their four children, and the church was so warm … Continue reading

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Be Sure Of The Foundation

Neal Pollard In 2008, I traveled to Bangladesh and spent an unscheduled night in the Capitol city of Dhaka. It’s likely that I passed the eight-story tall Rana Plaza building on that trip, given its proximity to my hotel.  I … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It was a bit ironic to me as a stood up to preach on the subject of family that I had my parents and two of my children sitting and listening.  How rare and wonderful that, normally separated … Continue reading

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Remember I Am Dust (Poem)

Neal Pollard I read the words of David today They were so full of hope and trust They spoke of God’s merciful way That He is mindful we’re but dust. He knows that transgressions we commit That His forgiveness is … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A couple of days ago, many of the major conservative news outlets broke the story of former Navy SEAL and current chaplain Lt. Col. Wes Modder who was removed from duty and threatened with expulsion from the military.  … Continue reading

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Reaching Out Without Caving In

Neal Pollard What could we do as the people of God to reach out into our community with the gospel in such a way as to remove as many barriers as possible while striving to remain first-century in character and … Continue reading

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