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Neal Pollard In Psalm 15, David shows us who is fit to be pleasing to God. I had a general physical and check up on my 30th and 40th birthdays.  I’ll have to say I was more pleased w/the results … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his “I Have A Dream” speech on a seasonable and rain-free day in August of 1963, but this speech, delivered to at least 250,000 people, is often remembered on the holiday in January … Continue reading

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“How’s Your Day Going?”

Neal Pollard As we go about our day, we often hear that question.  It is an exercise in pleasant politeness, and at times it is asked with genuine, heartfelt concern.  It can also be not only asked mindlessly, but answered … Continue reading

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What Is Your Name Associated With?

Neal Pollard Some names ring not just with familiarity, but downright notoriety.  Walenda is a name synonymous with daring, high wire acts.  Falcone is associated with mobsters and organized crime.  The Hearst family has long been connected with newspaper publication, … Continue reading

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Handling Offenses: Talking It Out

Neal Pollard Would you believe that not everyone always agrees with what I teach and preach?  Of course, I may not always know—at least directly—that someone disagrees with my message.  Yet, my greatest respect is for that brother or sister … Continue reading

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Eliot’s Motto

Neal Pollard The president of Harvard University in the last part of the 19th Century, Charles Eliot, had for his motto the words of Edward Everett Hale. Hale had said, “Look up and not down; look out and not in; … Continue reading

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Our Words Reveal Us

Neal Pollard I was recently checking the customer reviews for an upcoming hotel stay.  The reviews were from verified members of the hotel club of that particular chain.  74% of the raters gave it the highest possible rating, but it … Continue reading

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Teenager Follows Up Deceit With Character

Neal Pollard Of course, we do not have all the details, but I doubt that too serious of an investigation forced the 18-year-old Isaac Sprecher into a confession.  Last month, he reeled in a huge striped bass.  It was a … Continue reading

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Psalm 15

Neal Pollard Who may permanently pitch his tent on the holy hill of the Lord? Who is the one that may stay, content, without harm or hurt or discord? The one who with godliness walks and works, with truth upon … Continue reading

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