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Avoid Foolish And Ignorant Disputes!

Neal Pollard A man is about to be put to death for preaching Christ.  He is composing the last known words he left to history, and it is addressed to another, younger preacher.  The entire letter is less than 2,000 … Continue reading

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  Neal Pollard 1979 was the year I discovered sports, developing a fledgling interest in my home state’s greatest football team, the Georgia Bulldogs, watching Dale Murphy and Bob Horner, young stars on a woeful Atlanta Braves team, learning names … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The Restoration Plea is valid, vital, and victorious!  It urges every believer in Christ to throw off the shackles of humanly-devised traditions and beliefs that undermine and contradict the sole, supreme authority of Christ.  Religious division has been … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Say?

Neal Pollard Most people have very strong convictions, pro or con, about religious matters.  Many who claim to be religious form opinions and draw conclusions with very little if any biblical consultation.  How ironic is it to claim to follow … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A few years ago fifty miles southeast of Indianapolis in Andersonville, Indiana, two neighbors were found dead of gunshot wounds.  The bizarre finding of police investigators is that they fatally shot each other.  Indiana State Police Sargeant Noel … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard One of my favorite bands (Tony Raburn’s definite favorite) is Rush.  One of their songs, “Subdivisions,” talks about how much peer pressure is a part of life.  Conform and be cool or be cast out, they sing.  The … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard It was late summer, 1980, about a mile south of the thriving metropolis of Glenn, Georgia.  Our family had just bought some land and brought in a Jim Walters home, and with this there was some minor construction … Continue reading

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