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Neal Pollard It was a bit ironic to me as a stood up to preach on the subject of family that I had my parents and two of my children sitting and listening.  How rare and wonderful that, normally separated … Continue reading

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Cease Fire!

(Guest Baker) Gary Neal Pollard III On Christmas Day in World War I, British and German soldiers called a ceasefire and shared food and other comforts. They were definitely still enemies, but were able to tolerate each other long enough … Continue reading

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Recruiting Children

Neal Pollard It was Adolf Hitler who famously said, “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, … Continue reading

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“As We Go Our Separate Ways…”

Neal Pollard I’ve heard this prayed my whole life: “Be with us as we go our separate ways.”  I fully appreciate what is meant, but I lament a trend I’ve seen for many years.  Too often, we go our separate … Continue reading

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How To Make Others Friendlier

Neal Pollard I am exasperated at how unfriendly the people at church are. They never speak to me.  When they do speak, I feel as though I am simply being tolerated. I do not feel a part of their “crowd.” … Continue reading

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Why Has There Been A Decline In Public Responses?

Neal Pollard While I am certain that there are those who will say that they are still seeing as many public responses in their assemblies as ever, most will observe what I have observed.  As I think back to my … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The latest twist in the latest Dennis Rodman saga, being admitted to rehab, may help explain what led to his state of mind in his recently-completed “diplomacy trip” to North Korea.  Except for his most ardent supporters, people … Continue reading

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Precious Fellowship!

Neal Pollard Kathy and I were privileged to speak in Price, Utah, at the Carbon Emery lectureship.  This program affords brethren in that state a chance to be challenged by a specific topic while enjoying each others’ company.  Never has … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The church in the Denver metro area is no different than most parts of this nation.  There are a few congregations of God’s people with whom we find ourselves deeply divided when it comes to worship, women’s role, … Continue reading

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Sequoia Or Scrub Oak?

Neal Pollard A few years ago I visited King’s Canyon National Park, home of “General Grant.”  General Grant is the second-tallest living thing on earth at 267 feet tall, 40 feet in diameter and 107 feet in basal circumference.  It … Continue reading

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