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“How Does The Spirit Indwell The Christian?” (Or, Some Guys Just Love Trouble)

Neal Pollard The controversy preceded my birth.  Wendell Winkler was the first man I remember talking about the Open Forum, spirited debate between Gus Nichols and Guy N. Woods over how the Holy Spirit indwells the Christian.  In those days, … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard A letter dated January 17, 2013, and addressed to me at the church’s address arrived a few days ago.  It was from a woman pastor who works with a “charismatic” church just east of Denver. It purported to … Continue reading

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“The Spirit Is Leading Us To ___________”

Neal Pollard When I was preaching in Virginia, I received a call from a concerned brother in another state.  He related to me that the congregation where he was attending was trying to push for women to serve in the … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The Holy Spirit is one of three everlasting personalities of the Godhead, and as such He possesses all attributes of Deity (cf. Gen. 1:2,26; 1 Cor. 2:11). The Holy Spirit moved the approximately forty men to write the … Continue reading

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