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Giving Away Your Wedding Ring

Neal Pollard Brooklin Yazzle, a Mesa, Arizona, wife and mother, apparently handed out her wedding ring with the Halloween candy last week.  She had taken off her ring and put it in a candy jar to help her children carve … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Perhaps you were aware that New York is hosting the United Nations Climate Summit, a gathering of a staggering 162 nations to talk about the environment and such specific issues as global warming.  While you may find the … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard On this trip to Cambodia, there have been insights into some things I did not know and reminders of things I did know.  Polygamy is routinely practiced in the villages, trafficking of minors to wicked and perverse men … Continue reading

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Five Reasons God’s Law Of Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage Applies To All

Neal Pollard People approach the very sensitive subject of marriage, divorce, and remarriage in several ways. Some, ignorant of what Jesus says about it, are a law to themselves and come up with any number of “alternatives” including living together … Continue reading

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Our Congregation Follows The Biblical Pattern For Marriage

Neal Pollard In the spirit of our ancient, spiritual forebears, Peter and John, even in the face of social pressure, political correctness, and even governmental legislation, letting all laws and mandates be condemned which violate or transgress His Law, “We … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Tribute

Neal Pollard Kathy and I attended the funeral of Mildred (Millie) King, Larry’s mom and relative to several Bear Valley members, this morning at the Loveland church of Christ.  Ron Lauterbach, the local preacher there, delivered a fine tribute to … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard I have heard of Shake-n-Bake, cash and carry, Mutt and Jeff, and Laurel and Hardy, but “Hatch And Match” was a new one on me.  It was reported by Ruth Gledhill, the Religion Correspondent for The Times Online … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard On the front page of today’s Section C (Colorado Style) in the Denver Post, there is what is undoubtedly meant to be a heartwarming story of love between Ned and Sara.  Except that Ned is now Koko, a … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard In every area of life I can think of, conditions are necessary.  Contracts almost always contain clauses, caveats, and quid pro quos.  Jesus even provided conditions for the marriage “contract,” allowing one whose mate commits fornication to divorce … Continue reading

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Musings From The 20-Year-Vista

Neal Pollard There is nothing quite like hiking up a Colorado mountain and seeing the “payoff.”  There can be meadows and easy, level stretches, but there are also steep uphill strains and downhill gallops that are physically and mentally challenging.  … Continue reading

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