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Veronica Partridge’s Proclamation

Neal Pollard On January 5, Veronica Partridge, “Christian Blogger,” posted an article entitled, “Why I Chose To No Longer Wear Leggings.”  Her essential answer was that she did not want to dress in a way that would potentially make someone … Continue reading

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The “Moral Compass” Of The Modern Culture

Neal Pollard If a nation or people will move back toward the Bible, it must overcome three philosophical barriers.  I mentioned these in an earlier blog (https://preacherpollard.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/why-ridgedale-church-of-christ-is-getting-slammed/).  Here are the three barriers: The Cultural Sickness Of Subjectivity.  Subjectivism, in its … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The meadow jumping mouse has made it to the status of “endangered” and is now protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act.  That means that cattle have more limited water and grazing access so that the mice’s habitat … Continue reading

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Would You Let Your Kids Sit On The Goat?

Neal Pollard Have you heard about a “goat situation” in Oklahoma City that, well, stinks?  Members of a Satanic Temple there want a 7-foot Satanists’ statue to be placed at the capitol building right next to a monument of the … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Thanks to a morality clause in their contract, the University of Arkansas was able to fire head football coach Bobby Petrino and save nearly $18 million dollars.  That will be money, no doubt, that can be used toward … Continue reading

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Why Is Movie Attendance Falling?

Neal Pollard Apparently, churches are not the only ones bemoaning falling attendance.  Amy Kaufman of the L.A. Times reports that only 1.28 billion people bought a ticket for a movie in the U.S. and Canada in 2011.  That may still … Continue reading

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“Thou Shalt Not Steal”

Neal Pollard   It is such a problem that there are companies who specialize in creating systems to monitor, prevent, and thereby punish it.  Statistics and estimates abound concerning the massive problem it is, not only in this nation but … Continue reading

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