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Good Deeds

Neal Pollard Good deeds don’t make the nightly news.  When a person serves or is nice to others, it rarely goes beyond the circle of occurrence.  That’s OK, because Jesus urges us, “Be careful not to do your acts of … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard I spoke with our newspaper deliveryman this morning, and he had some story to tell.  He summarized his experience as the longest 15 hours of his life.  He got stuck once and had been towed twice.  He delivers … Continue reading

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Where’s Greg Reynolds Today?

Neal Pollard Being a Rockies’ fan has its ups and downs—historically, there have been more downs than ups, I’m afraid.  Being no-hit last night by Dodger’s pitcher Clayton Kershaw was pretty low!  While it was only the third time in … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard  You may be thinking that the title is presumptuous, opinionated, and even out of line.  Let me disclaim what follows by asserting that God does not hate all shorts.  He does, however, hate the following types of shorts. … Continue reading

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Heaven Really IS For Real

Neal Pollard While so many in religion and even the media latch onto sensational tales of traveling to the “other side” and coming back with stories about heaven (they do not ordinarily wind up going the other direction), these individuals … Continue reading

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Our Congregation Follows The Biblical Pattern For Marriage

Neal Pollard In the spirit of our ancient, spiritual forebears, Peter and John, even in the face of social pressure, political correctness, and even governmental legislation, letting all laws and mandates be condemned which violate or transgress His Law, “We … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Two wonderful upcoming events should have us excited! Vacation Bible School is a prime opportunity for us to be evangelistic with our neighbors, friends, and co-workers.  It showcases the many talented people we have in our education program … Continue reading

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Was Uzzah’s Death Unfair?

                Neal Pollard If you Google the phrase “Uzzah Death Unfair,” you will find at least 1380 hits most of which addresses that idea. In case you are having a momentary brain cramp … Continue reading

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What Does God Want From Us?

Neal Pollard The words might be bewilderingly spoken in frustration, through a voice broken by the tears of trial or temptation, or from a puzzlement borne of a lack of adequate information.  But, many times over, men have asked the … Continue reading

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