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A Hostile Witness

Neal Pollard There is an overlooked work that should be avoided, but may be more commonly practiced than is thought.  Yet, as the Holy Spirit through Paul included it in a larger category of works, it must be something with … Continue reading

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Temper And Tongue

Neal Pollard Without wading into the waters of political correctness or questioning motives, Donald Sterling can blame his temper as much as his girlfriend’s surreptitious audio recording.  He joins an infinitely long line of those whose unrestrained anger has cost … Continue reading

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Should Obese Kids Get Candy?

Neal Pollard The cynic surely believes this lady is feeding her urge for 15 minutes of fame or seeking an outlet for her social ideology.  The tenderhearted finds it cruel and unfeeling.  The overweight likely are offended.  The objective observer … Continue reading

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An Exhortation To White And Black Christians

Neal Pollard I rarely modify the word “Christian” with adjectives like red, yellow, black, or white.  Occasionally, however, an event happens that threatens to divide God’s people of a racial nature.  The recently ended George Zimmerman trial in the death … Continue reading

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Can A Christian Be Prejudiced And Still Go To Heaven?

Neal Pollard What an odd question. Obviously, an alien sinner (i.e., non-Christian) will not go to heaven even if he or she is not prejudiced. One must render obedience to the gospel to enjoy eternal salvation (Heb. 5:9). It is unfortunate that … Continue reading

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