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Ready For A Trivia Quiz?

Neal Pollard Here are the rules: Don’t use any resources to look up these answers.  This is a quiz to test your knowledge. What is Mark Zuckerberg best known for co-founding? How many regular season games are there in an … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard The shortest inaugural address was George Washington’s second, in 1793, and it was comprised of 193 words! William Henry Harrison, though raised a cultured, educated man, campaigned on a folksy ticket symbolized by the log cabin. To set … Continue reading

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Take Not The Day For Granted (POEM)

Neal Pollard Take not the day for granted, Who knows what the morrow brings, What present joy be recanted, What shut the mouth that now sings. Too often we long for tomorrow, Assuring ourselves it will be perfect, Dissatisfied with … Continue reading

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No Time To Count $160 In Coins?

Neal Pollard Wayne Roberts forwarded an article to me about a bizarre incident that recently occurred in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Colorado State University student Ted Nischan, who has a lead foot and limited income, went to the Fort Collins municipal … Continue reading

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Where Is Friday, Samoa?

Neal Pollard Singapore’s “Straits Time” reports that Samoa’s parliament announced they were switching time zones so that it lies west of the international date line.  That island nation’s government makes this decision to get on the same time zone as … Continue reading

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