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Neal Pollard There’s an old joke out there that goes, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”  If you say “yes,” you imply that you used to do it.  If you say “no,” you suggest that you are still doing it.  … Continue reading

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Is It Clever Or Just Coarse?

Neal Pollard What do a fantasy football service and a seafood restaurant have in common?  Maybe the advertisement firms they both hired and they felt proud of their play on words that made the commercial viewers hear one word but … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Religion Do You Have?

Neal Pollard While people today want to emphasize “spirituality” over “religion,” that is not the biblical way.  By “spiritual,” people want to talk about a self-defined personal relationship with God, the way they feel, or their pursuit of some mystical … Continue reading

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Little Things?

  Neal Pollard Look what one look at a woman bathing on her rooftop cost a man, his home, and his country.  The pronunciation of one word spelled the difference between life and death for a nation of people.  One … Continue reading

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Temper And Tongue

Neal Pollard Without wading into the waters of political correctness or questioning motives, Donald Sterling can blame his temper as much as his girlfriend’s surreptitious audio recording.  He joins an infinitely long line of those whose unrestrained anger has cost … Continue reading

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The Haste Of The Hermandads

Neal Pollard In the 1100s, in an effort to protect travelers going from northern Spain over the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Dogs of God, Reston, 50), a military force known as the hermandads (“the brotherhood”) was organized.  … Continue reading

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The Price Of A Prank

Neal Pollard A summer intern at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) apparently thought it would be funny to “confirm” the names of the four pilots of Asiana Flight 214 to a TV station in the bay area where the … Continue reading

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CONTRADICTING: The Pastime Of Our Time

Have you noticed that, no matter what the topic or matter one may choose to bring up, someone or ones seem to feel compelled to say something to contradict it?  What fuels the activity is known only to the doer, … Continue reading

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“Without The Venom This Time”

Neal Pollard In Bill Whitehead’s comic strip, “Free Range,” a marriage counselor is mediating an obviously angry dispute between two poisonous snakes.  She exhorts them, “Okay…both of you take a deep breath and try to talk to each other without … Continue reading

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Neal Pollard Routine teeth cleaning can be pleasant, but cavities, extractions, and root canals, from what I hear, are less than thrilling.  No matter how well you think you are doing with “home care,” the dentist will always have suggestions … Continue reading

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